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On a Whim.... This is your invitation!

Welcome to "On a Whim"!

To say that I have been meaning to do this for a while is an understatement. After procrastinating for five years I decided today is the day! Get ready for fashion & beauty advice, answers to random questions, lots of humor, a few personal thoughts, and anything else that come our way! Keeping it real gals, at 60 I embrace that statement more than ever.

It may sound odd, many customers over the years have become our friends! When I bought Whimsy Tucson and moved to this unique city six years ago, the people were warm and welcoming. Many of the women who walked into the store have become some of my closest friends. My goal has always been for you, our customer, to feel as comfortable in the store as you would if you were walking into my home. I hope at some level, we have made you feel that way.

I also believe in supporting local business owners. At time you may see highlights of local and regional products that strike me as interesting or a "must have". Communities are built and will continue to thrive on a local network of people who love what they do and do it locally.

I invite you to follow us and encourage your friends to follow us, too. It won't be boring, we promise.



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